All my designs are dictated by the stone - its shape and individual features.  My style incorporates elements of both wire sculpting and silversmithing which means that there is a marvellous variety of looks that can be created, be it simple clean lines or intricate embellishment. Every piece is created to showcase the rock itself.



Rocknwrap is a boutique jewellery business commited to showcasing unique cabochons in a complementary setting. Based in Brisbane Australia, every piece is created by jewellery artist, Eleanor Holland. 


Rocknwrap came about from my desire to wear some of the beautiful cabochons that I had found and fallen in love with. Nature provides amazing colours and patterning in her rocks and I try to emulate and feature this in my designs.


Having spent many years creating wire sculpted jewellery, the natural progression was to experiment with the torch and traditional jewellery smithing techniques. Eleanor is also a keen lapidarist and cuts many of the cabochons that feature in her pieces.

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Custom orders are always welcome. I enjoy nothing more than creating jewellery from an idea.


Rocknwrap designs are available online and at various boutique markets in South East Queensland. 

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